Kasa Smart Switch wiring doublecheck : homeautomation

I’ve wired up my share of smart appliances including a Sense energy monitor, a generator transfer, and done countless outlets, however I am not an electrician by trade.

I have a bedroom light that is wired with a “power into light” configuration, except there is a 3 Wire with ground running to a single switch. It is not a 2 or 3 way light. I imagine it was for the inclusion of a ceiling fan.

This diagram shows the situation (except for the power tap point part)


So 2 wire with ground running to the light from the supply, and 3 wire with ground running to a single switch.

I think I should be able to safely put a Kasa Switch there, as long as the neutrals are pigtailed together as shown in the diagram.

Can I get a double check on this wiring?

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