Google + TP Link Kasa Switch, looking for advice : homeautomation

Hi Everyone. I’m looking for a “new” way to make Google Assistant turn my den light on/off. I have a Kasa light switch and a Nest Hub. Previously I was using and had 2 actions – 1 for on and 1 for off. I could say “hey google, den on” or “hey google, den off” and it did the job. Anyway they only allow 3 actions now and I’m not paying their ridiculous prices for a few actions. I don’t want to use a “different IFTT” site. I was hoping that I could use Google Actions to accomplish this. I already created a node-red action that records and displays when the cat was last fed. But that requires “hey google, talk to <app name>” to start it, or “hey google, tell <app name> I fed the cat” and the like. But I don’t want to say “hey google, tell soandso den on”. I want to say “hey google, den on”. Is there any way I can do this without a 3rd party involvement? I have full access to a web server, my home server, and I also have scripts that can interact with TP-Link Kasa device locally. Ideally, I want to have a list of phrases that can do certain things that I choose, like “hey google, open the garage” or “hey google, thermostat up”, all of which are able to be done via scripts on my home network. I tried linking my Kasa account to Google Assistant, but it just throws every device on the screen without any apparent way to customize or hide devices (except by room). For example I have 1 Kasa plug monitoring a device’s power usage but it also must remain on. I don’t want to accidentally push the button in Google Assistant on my phone and have that switch turned off. So I reiterate – how can I accomplish “hey google, den on” using just me and my buddy google? Thanks in advance.

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