Do these LED strips emits ANY UV at all? : homeautomation

Hello everybody,

I have question about LED strips.

I have movie prop that is very,VERY fragile and it’s very sensitive to UV.

I have it displayed in my cabinet and I bought LED strips for illumination.

Problem is that I’m not sure if model that I bought emits UV even in smallest quantity.

I know some people are saying that LED don’t produce UV at all,but that’s not completely true.

Some models do and some don’t.

I read that phosphorus have role in producing UV when it comes to LED lights.

I tried to contact company that made LED strip I get but they didn’t replied to me back.

I was hoping that you may know if this particular model produce any UV?

Model name is Optonica LED Strip 12V 2835 60 LEDs SKU:4703

I manage to find them in catalog and I made a screen shot so you don’t have to bother searching for it.

I’ll post it so you can see specifications.

Every help is more than welcome.

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