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Hi! I’m trying to replace some locks on my new house and I have no idea what the best system may be as I seem to experiencing some analysis paralysis at this point. Any help all you knowledgeable people are willing to provide would be much appreciated!

I would like to replace my front porch lock and front door lock at the very least. At most I would like to add an additional smart lock to my back gate and back door. I will post some photos for reference. I have Alexa set up in the house but also have Nest products for the thermostat and smoke detectors and what not. Not married to any one system.

The main issue I run into with the front porch lock is I am not sure if there is a system that will work in the footprint that the current lock exists within. Particularly on the back side of the lock which has a metal box around it. (See photo)

Thanks for any and all help!

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